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Musical Theatre

We offer Musical Theatre classes to children from Reception - Year 6.
If you are looking for Year 7+ classes, please go to Drama.

Our aim is to provide children with a self development programme designed to increase their confidence, communication skills, self esteem and creative ability through a carefully constructed drama syllabus. Drama Factor helps children to develop clear articulate speech, fluent delivery and an ability to converse and discuss in a creative manner. It will create in the children essential skills for life. Classes cover speech, movement, creative drama, language development and studio production.

Classes run for ten week terms in conjunction with school term times. During this time, children will be taught various acting skills such as mime, improvisation, characterisation, understanding scripts, taking direction, voice projection, etc.

We run three 10 week courses a year. During one of the 10 week courses, the children will work towards putting on a musical. Children will then get the opportunity to put all that they have learned into practise. They will learn about the audition and rehearsal process, props, costumes and staging. The children will also have the opportunity to explore their singing and dancing abilities. They will taught how to sing correctly, with strength and feeling and to dance with flair and accuracy!

Children thoroughly enjoy the Musical Theatre classes as they allow the children to explore their creativity, learn important skills and meet new friends whilst having fun!