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We have been teaching graded LAMDA examinations in Poetry and Prose for over seven years. The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest drama schools in the UK. Since the 1880s LAMDA has offered speech examinations to the public. These exams have been refined and developed and now, not only can the children take exams in Poetry and Prose but also Acting and Musical Theatre. In addition to being the UK’s largest statutory speech and dramas awarding body. LAMDA examinations have a reputation for excellence across the globe. The examinations help children of all ages and abilities, unlock the imagination and creative thinking, develop communication skills, build self confidence and self esteem, and receive critical appraisal and guidance for future development.

LAMDA grades start from Introductory and run through to Grade Eight. Students will be assessed to determine which grade is most appropriate for them.

Drama Factor offers the following LAMDA courses:

 Speaking Verse & Prose

 This course is essentially intended to improve a student's communication skills. Students will be given two pieces to learn (two poems, or at higher levels a poem and a piece of prose). The students will be taught how to deliver their pieces effectively and sympathetically. The students will learn about their voices (projection, colour, tone and pitch), how to support their voices with good breathing and posture and how to portray expression using only their voice and face.

 The Speaking Verse and Prose course is also very supportive of the English syllabus. Students will be expected to interpret their poems/prose and have a good understanding of the author's intentions. They will also be expected to answer theory questions based on the tools used in English language such as figures of speech, pauses, subtext, context, etc.


Jake Henderson receives Gold Medal LAMDA certificate with Distinction

 This course is intended to enhance a student's performance skills. Students will be given two monologues to learn and they will be expected to stage and deliver the piece effectively. Students will learn about characterisation, effective communication of the character's emotions and situation, stage techniques, taking direction and many other essential skills for an actor. 

The theory for this course at the lower grades is based mostly on their interpretation of the character and the decisions they have made regarding their staging and actions. However, at higher levels, students will begin to look at the various acting styles, the influential practitioners and their techniques. 

The Acting course is particularly supportive of the Drama syllabus at many schools and gives students the opportunity to work at an in-depth level on their own individual pieces.


 Drama Factor is happy to offer LAMDA training both inside and out of schools. We generally run the classes for 10 weeks across a term. Details of our after-school clubs providing LAMDA can be found here.

If you are a school interested in providing LAMDA training to your students, please contact me to discuss this further. 


To visit the LAMDA website, click here.