Street Dance and Freestyle Jazz

The aim of the class is to encourage young people to get active whilst building self-confidence and stamina in a fun and relaxed environment. In recent years, Street Dance has become extremely popular with young people mostly because it allows them to be expressive and creative. The classes will focus on choreographed routines to popular hip hop/R&B music; there may also be opportunities for some improvised dance and chances for students to choreograph their own moves. Routines will be mostly choreographed to pop/disco music.


There will also be routines based on Freestyle Jazz which will help to develop posture, create definition in the movements and further develop fitness and well being.

This is one of the best ways of staying fit and healthy and of expressing yourself in a creative and fun way.

Both styles are included in the same sessions and we alternate between the two across the term.

If you are a school interested in providing Street Dance and Freestyle Jazz to your students, please contact us here.

We currently run Street Dance and Freestyle Jazz classes at the following schools:

  • Withington Girls' School (Juniors and Seniors)
  • Beaver Road Primary School