"Just wanted to say a huge thanks. The girls really enjoyed the workshop & the trip to the BBC!"

"Just to thank you  for taking Amy to the slammer where she was interviewed on tv. It was a really good experience. 
Also thank you for putting her in for Peter Pan the Never ending story at the Men arena. She had to sing and join in with the other children and performers on the huge stage having attended a rehearsal too. All such good experience for musical theatre and acting."

"Thank you for the amazing opportunities you have given to Alice this year through the Drama Factor .  She has had a really great time with the  lessons you give at Withington, and she had a blast in summer with the fabulous summer school. But what has been extraordinary has been the opportunities that you have given her to be a part of. Being at Media City to be involved in 'Alicia Dixon's Street Crew ' was really fabulous. All the girls from the class loved it, and to give them an idea of what it its like in a media environment and to feel a part of Manchester's burgeoning media scene is pretty inspirational. And finally, thank you for giving her the chance to be an extra at the MEN Arena (or whatever it is called now) in the amazing "Peter Pan and Wendy ". She got to meet all the international cast including Stacey Soloman ! You would have been amazed to see Alice and the Drama Factor kids up there on stage, calm and trained and fabulous , in three scenes and then right at the front in the Finale."

"The Drama Factor is a great place for people to learn and it is loads of fun. The teachers are nice too."

"I think Drama Factor is amazing and the place to be because you get to meet new friends and there are great teachers who can act properly! Everyday is always very exciting."

"I think everyone at the Drama Factor is nice and kind to others and I have met loads of new friends." - Eryn, 11

"I think the Drama Factor is the perfect place to act and a great place to meet new friends. I have loved every minute at the Drama Factor and hope to be in the next show!" - Ella, 11

"Thank you for a wonderful showcase performance! My shy, self-conscious daughter was unrecognisable as she threw herself into her role with confidence. Truly amazing! Keep up the good work."